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Our goal is to take out the hassle from building services and make sure you have peace of mind while we take care of everything for you.

McLennan excels when you entrust us to take care of all your mechanical and engineering needs.

Whatever you need, from electrical to mechanical services, The McLennan Group will be more than happy to help you. Your interests are vested with McLennan for the responsibility of specifying, constructing, operating and maintaining your project.

A full understanding of our clientele’s needs is what is necessary for a great working relationship and this is what The McLennan Group offers. Our teams of specialist engineers are able to deliver fully managed services for your installation needs.

When your business relies on your building services to be running well all the time it’s important to ensure that everything is kept to the highest of standards. That is where The McLennan Group comes in. By conducting regular maintenance for whenever you may need it, McLennan ensures that you will gain only the best possible results.

In order to successfully execute a dedicated and effective end-to-end service, McLennan follows a systematic process, which identifies clients’ needs to create cost-effective solutions that are then maintained through ongoing support. Although McLennan can provide services at any stage of the process, catering to a mechanical or electrical issue from the very beginning to the end is where we excel.

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The McLennan Group realises how important reliability is to all types of businesses, which is why we try to take care of every aspect of your project.

In case you are doubtful about what best suits you, we guarantee to submerge ourselves in your company's goals and vision to determine your needs.

We stand by your side through every step providing suitable suggestions and recommendations that will further enhance the productivity and functionality of your premises. We pay close attention to every detail and address every enquiry you have regarding mechanical and electrical services.

Our project managers ensure that you are 100% satisfied before finalising any project. A detailed report will be derived during this stage, which will provide relevant designs, management process and the full scope of the project.


Once we receive a final approval from your end, The McLennan Group will guarantee the delivery of fully managed services that will address your installation needs.

McLennan has over 40 years of experience in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering. We have catered to a diverse portfolio of clients such as Eddie Stobart, Sports Direct, Trapeze Group, Taylor Business Park and many more.

All our engineers, technicians and project managers are highly qualified and trained to perform work at your premises. Through a professional attitude and proactive approach, our engineers and project managers are able to complete projects before deadlines and within the suggested budget. We are not intimidated by size and have established an outstanding reputation working with both medium-sized businesses and international PLCs.


The true measurability of our work can only be done when our engineers have performed the installation and carried out all necessary checks. However, in order for systems to perform for a longer period, it is essential that ongoing support and maintenance be provided to aid optimal use.

At The McLennan Group, we don't just pack-up our things after an installation and leave you. We get back to you for feedback and ensure that all systems are running in accordance to your expectations. If something isn't according to the plan, we will send one of our expert engineers who will assess the problem and provide a suitable recommendation.

Partnering with McLennan means we will never leave you hanging in the middle. Our ongoing support is available to you round the clock, whenever you need it.

McLennan Cloud Portal

The McLennan client portal means that you are kept up-to-date regarding your project at all stages. Logging in via our website you can see the status of current jobs, access all your health and safety documents and download all compliance certification and OEM manuals. All of our engineers are tracked and managed via our cloud system from their time on site, to their vehicles location and site document - peace of mind that your installation, maintenance and contracting is fully managed from end-to-end.

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service To You

The McLennan Way
The McLennan Way

McLennan gets a full understanding of client needs and has the capability to deliver to agreed budgets and timescales.

Our Services
Our Services

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View our case studies

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Sectors we work in

McLennan Group understand the unique needs of not only the services we provide, but the industries we work in.

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