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Commercial Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charge Point Installation

The future is electric and at McLennan Group we are ready to support you in your transition to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to business.

The future is electric and at McLennan Group we are ready to support you in your transition.

Electric cars are a common sight on the roads of Great Britain and their presence is only set to grow. We are all becoming more aware and conscious of the impact that traditional petrol and diesel vehicles have on our environment. The efforts of all manufacturers are making to ensure all new cars are electric by 2030 (some like Volvo are aiming for 2023) meaning there will be a huge transition towards developing an electrical infrastructure on which these ‘clean’ vehicles can run.

We work with a large number of clients both big and small to install EV Charging Stations on their premises giving them, their employees and visitors the opportunity to seamlessly embrace the change, without it being an inconvenience.

As businesses transition to all company cars and fleet being electric, accelerated by the government BIK reductions, McLennan Group are here to aid your transition. Ensuring you have the EV Charging capacity to embrace the change and do your bit for the environment, whilst remain fully compliant.

Workplace EV Charging makes the most out of electric vehicle usage. Giving commercial sectors the freedom and versatility of charging to the needs and time brackets of personnel,  by offering flexible charging for employees  in the sector with busy schedules, our EV charging stations can save precious time instead of visiting public charging stations.

Electric Vehicle Charging Installation

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    Investing in the future

    Begin investing in the future with our commercial EV charging stations. By doing so, you can ensure increased environmental credentials, as well as improving options for those within the sector to begin using an electric vehicle.  The bonuses of commercial EV charging don’t stop there, with enhanced capital allowances and significantly lower fuel cost for employees.

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    Why choose McLennan Group for commercial EV charging solutions?

    McLennan Group specialises in electric vehicle charging and energy storage solutions for commercial clients across the United Kingdom. With our passion for renewable energy and extensive knowledge of EV charging, we are the number one choice for your commercial property. We pride ourselves on putting the customer first, understanding their requirements and building a solution to meet their needs, and providing a first-class customer experience is one of our founding principles.

    We cover all charging equipment installations for workplace locations and have had the pleasure of delivering some fantastic projects for our client base. Post-installation we also offer an extensive after care service to ensure the charging equipment is maintained to optimise performance and in line with manufacturers’ guidelines.

    EV Charging Installation

    Reasons to use McLennan for EV Charging Installation

    Streamlined Enquiry and Survey Process

    We have a streamlined enquiry and survey process to help improve our customer journey. 

    OZEV Approved Charge Point Installer

    We are OZEV approved installers which means that you can benefit from OZEV grant schemes

    Experts in EV Installation

    Our knowledgeable team are experts in what they do and are on hand for any questions you may have

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    EV Charging Installation and Infrastructure

    McLennan Group successfully installed the complete power and data infrastructure across several sites for a international logistics company.
    We have worked alongside a project team and agreed charging unit suppliers to produce a design to meet individual criteria per site.
    The aim was to future proof all sites for further expansion in the Vehicle Charging Points. Each site had different criteria for vehicles needs and this dictated the size of supply required to each project.
    EV Charging Case Study


    off the purchase and installation of a new chargepoint

    The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) is a voucher-based plan intended to furnish qualified candidates with financial assistance towards the initial costs of the purchase and installation of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points. The contribution is restricted to £350 for each socket with each applicant permitted to install a maximum of 20 across all sites.

    To find out more about eligibility and to apply for a voucher visit the website.

    The WCS scheme is available to organisations that fulfil all of the criteria outlined below:
    • Are a registered business, charity or public sector organisation (evidence must be supplied in form of Companies House Reference, Vat Registration Number or HMRC Registration Letter).
    • Are a business, charity or public authority (this includes Government Departments and affiliated agencies, the Armed Forces, Local Governments, The NHS and Emergency Services).
    • Can declare a need for EV charging equipment or an intention to encourage uptake amongst their staff/or fleets.
    • Are located in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.
    • Has dedicated off street parking for staff/or fleets.
    • Own the property or have consent from the landlord for charge points to be installed at all sites listed on the application.
    Apply for a WCS voucher

    Commercial & Workplace EV Charging FAQs

    Can we decide the charges applied for using the chargers?

    Yes, you can set a tariff for charging as you wish, either according to the amount of electricity used or time spent connected to the system.

    Does a commercial EV charging point require maintenance?

    The products we provide our clients with are well thought out, planned, and suited to the needs of said client. Saying this, maintenance requirements are no different. Each EV charging point will require different types of maintenance for each commercial sector, along with the number of those using electric vehicles. Overall, the charging points we install require very little maintenance, making them perfect for busy workplaces.

    How do I know if our electricity system can handle multiple charging units?

    Part of our pre-installation work involves a careful evaluation of how much load the system already in place can handle. And the software which accompanies the chargers can do automatic ‘load management’.

    What is load management?

    Load management monitors the power consumption on the full site to protect the main supply to the building from overloading.

    If you’re interested in making the change to electric vehicles speak to us today.

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