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Commercial L.E.D or ‘Light Emitting Diode’ Lighting, is now one of the most advanced types of lighting system on the market; energy efficient, clean crisp light, with decorative fittings and lower maintenance, all add up to a very attractive package for commercial installations.

Reliable L.E.D Light Installation Services from McLennan

McLennan Electrical Services can provide full design, installation, and maintenance for small, one off jobs, to bespoke, multi-million installations in a wide variety of applications, from warehousing and distribution to retail and leisure

Recent improvements in technology and a wider range of manufacturers and suppliers are now reducing the cost of this sought-after product bringing it well within the range of most commercial budgets.

An L.E.D is often small in area (less than 1sq mm), and integrated optical components may be used to shape its radiation pattern. L.E.D lighting presents many advantages over incandescent light sources. Including:

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Longer lifetime
  • Improved physical robustness
  • Smaller unit size
  • Faster switching times

If you have an existing lighting scheme and would like it upgrading, we can offer an in depth lighting survey to show a guaranteed cost saving analysis.

We can demonstrate, how much a new system would cost, how much energy (and) money you would save and how long it would take the new system to pay for itself.

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