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How Covid-19 Highlighted the Importance of Reactive Maintenance

There comes a point where a business inevitably experiences a maintenance issue – be that with heating, ventilation or even lighting systems. Vital to the functionality of any commercial building, such things require timely and efficient repairs to reduce any down-time in operations and ultimately save any losses from the business.

The Problem with Faulty Roof Ventilation

A myriad of serious problems can arise if a building’s roof lacks proper ventilation from mold to water leakage and even reduced lifespan of your roof. These issues, although small at first glance, can grow to be big and expensive problems.

Proper roof ventilation keeps the balance between the hot and cool air that surrounds the top of a building by allowing the heat that gets trapped to escape. An imbalance between this air flow can cause significant damage to the building and can ultimately affect the stock below.

Throughout the summer months, functional roof ventilation stabilises the temperature within the roof, allowing heat and any moisture in the building to escape rather than creating condensation that might pool and eventually cause a leak. It also prevents cool air from filtering to the inside of the building.

When problems with ventilation arise and warm air is present the area can act as a feeding ground for mold. Not only is mold growth associated with many human health hazards but it can also cause decay and rot which ultimately compromises the building’s structural integrity.

Spotting mold in commercial environments isn’t always as easy as finding it at home, but a good indicator of moisture in the roof and inadequate roof ventilation for you to look out for is rusting nails in attic or roof spaces.

Another sign you might also encounter is increased energy bills. This is due to your air conditioning system becoming strained while it overworks to cool the building down.

Contrary to popular belief, mold can also grow and thrive during the cold winter months. As warm air collects under the roof, it can melt the snow along the top and, in some cases, this can then solidify into ice. If this is occurring at your premises you’ll find water accumulation and leaky patches that can eventually lead to mold and the growth of mildew.

It is important to take these signs seriously as if these problems are left untouched, the roof itself can become damaged. The roof deck can become warped, interior paint can become stained and insulation might erode, leading to premature aging of the roof.

The Benefits of Reactive Building Maintenance

If there was ever a time where maintenance problems could cause long lasting impacts on businesses, it’s throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve also seen an extremely cold winter as the Beast from the East 2 hit the country hard over recent months.

While essential maintenance and repair work remains classed as important as per government guidance, many buildings have become low use or even empty as businesses close and working from home increases.

Where businesses are down to skeleton staff and become low-use it is imperative that call-outs are available at all points throughout the day and night and that problems can even be solved within one efficient visit.

On the other hand, there are some instances, particularly for those providing essential services throughout the pandemic, where buildings are seeing more use than ever. It is at these busy sites where it is equally imperative for support to be offered in a methodical, orderly manner at a time which is most convenient to the individual business.

Maintenance needs to be adjusted appropriately for such businesses and the importance of access to round the clock support has proven to be absolutely vital.

Essential businesses not only need to be safely operational, they also need to be fully functioning to ensure the wider society has access to critical equipment, food and other necessary items during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

How Covid-19 Highlighted the Importance of Reactive Maintenance

ESL Lutterworth and McLennan

One such example of aforementioned critical equipment throughout the pandemic is ventilators.

Back in November – a time where over 1,000 mechanical ventilations beds were being used by the NHS in England – ESL Lutterworth experienced a fault with their roof vents, threatening their stock of ventilators requiring efficient emergency service.

24-hour reactive maintenance proved paramount in saving the 500 ventilators that were at risk of going offline, a risk heightened by an impending storm. The jammed roof vents were safely restored by our highly experienced electrical engineers, eliminating the risk promptly.

It is well-organised, reactive maintenance such as this which McLennan has gained a reputation for both before and during the pandemic.

How We Can Help You Too

McLennan provides a full range of end-to-end installation and maintenance services courtesy of our dedicated electrical engineers that are on standby 24/7.

You can access simple, honest advice regarding your project or commercial space easily over the phone. We also identify critical assets and systems within your business and ensure we hold ‘critical spare’ stock either in our vehicles or on site to avoid any delays in remedial repairs.

The McLennan vans are also incredibly well stocked to solve issues within a single visit and we can even adopt a ‘find and fix’ regime with pre-authorisation from our customers to further stop delays.

In short, we really do endeavour to go that extra mile to ensure that your project or commercial space is maintained to the best of our ability at all hours of the day. No request is too great when it comes to keeping your premises risk-free. Our service team is available today to discuss your unique requirements on 01925766044 or you can get in touch for a FREE quote and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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